A new beginning!

Happy New Year. A New Year, a new beginning, and Year 3 of Project 52.

Like every year, this year too I have grand plans for my 52 photos project. Erm.. not so grand as the previous years. But here’s what I have planned for the upcoming 52 weeks.

Over the last 2 years I have been lazy, procrastinated, and *sometimes* even cheated on my assignments. No more of that in 2013. I am turning over a new leaf, and I intend to step out of my comfort zone and explore new ideas for my photoblog.

I have deleted my previous assignments, and am starting from square one. It’s because I want to start with a clean slate, and not because they were not good enough to be on the blog. If they weren’t I wouldn’t have posted those photos in the first place.

The first thing I am changing about this blog is the layout. All this time, my blog was just a “pictures only” blog. From 2013 onwards, I’ll be posting photos, along with some random thoughts as well. So, it’s going to be one photo per week and maybe one or two or even more non photo posts in between. The random posts will be dependent on my mood, or on some topics I feel strongly about or about something I have learnt during the week. There’s a “Follow Blog” link on the side bar, so if you think this blog is interesting enough please go ahead and click that button.

So, I was talking about stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new techniques. Here’s what I will be doing (or what I am planning on doing). I have often taken the easy way out, chickened out of some assignments. Like last year, I had decided on a theme for the month of May, and all photos during that time period were supposed to be based on the theme. I never really stuck to the plan.

There are some techniques that I have avoided completely. I have compiled a sort of a photography bucket list for 2013.

The “photography bucket list” for 2013

a)      Portraits: I absolutely suck at portraits. Not candids, but proper portraits. I’m very much comfortable with candid, when the person I am shooting don’t know I’m clicking them. But when it comes to shooting people who know I have the camera. God help me! I have the nifty-fifty. Been shooting with it for 2 years, but never shot a good portrait.

b)      Macro: I don’t have a macro lens. But I do have an extension tube set. My macro shots have been limited to the creepy crawlies I see around the house (flies, spiders). I plan to shoot more macros this year. Even if it’s something as common as the spider I see on my window, or something like the details on a coin. But there will be a lot more macro shots this year.

c)       Sunrise/Sunset: The golden hours. The most beautiful light you will ever get. I have shot a considerable amount of sunsets. It’s the sunrise photos that are a challenge. Not a morning person at all. So getting up early and stepping out to capture the sunrise is going to be a huge mountain. But I intend to shoot at least 3 sunrises this year. Also, I haven’t attempted a beach sunset. That too goes into the bucket.

d)      Long exposures: Ah! The real challenge begins now. No need to explain. This will be the biggest challenge for me yet. Lots of preparation required. You need to get the calculations right. Hope to upload at least one decent long exposure shot this year.

e)      Panning: Attempted a panning shot earlier this year. That’s all I can say about it. I seriously doubt if it can be called a panned shot 😉

So that’s it. Keeping it short, but not so easily achievable. In addition to the stuff that’s gone in the bucket, I will be posting the “usual” stuff too. Landscapes, Dogs (my favourite topic), flowers, some DIY experiments.

I end this post with a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. May this new year bring happiness and success in your life.

Thanks for the support on my photoblog, and hoping for a lot more support in form of comments, and critique this year.




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